When we develop new styles for buttertea, we always look to produce timeless classics. We don’t design fast-fashion items and we don’t feel the need to follow the latest trends. We make garments that their owners will enjoy wearing for many years to come. It’s often the small details that make the difference between a beautiful piece and an all-time favourite.

With that in mind, we’ve given our Cristiano cardigan a double collar. So when it’s time for a spin in your classic convertible or a ride on your café racer, just do up the outer collar and enjoy the double protection it provides against the headwind and the cold.

And when you take a break en route or relax in the evening and reminisce about the day’s run over a glass of wine, the open double collar looks extremely stylish, whether you wear it over a shirt or a T-shirt.

As with all buttertea jackets and cardigans, the buttons on Cristiano are made from corozo, also known as vegetable ivory. Unlike some other natural products, this amazing natural material keeps its classy sheen for a long time and won’t lose its lustre even after frequent washes.